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Our Story

Our names are Rebecca and Jon. We started our foundation after our daughter was stillborn on April 15, 2020. We had the worst week of our life. Jon had an ankle fracture on April 13 and needed emergency surgery. When he returned from the hospital Rebecca had her weekly check-up appointment. She was a little over 38 weeks with Julia and the weekly check-up was usually very quick. Unable to go because of his ankle and COVID-19, she went to see her doctor alone. That is when we were told the worst news of our life.. “There is no heartbeat”. What do you mean there is no heartbeat? Our world was completely shattered into a billion pieces. The minutes felt like days and the days after felt like an eternity. Our feelings were that we would never climb out of the darkness that now surrounds our every thought. 


We are grateful for the friends and family that surrounded us with love to help support us day and night, but unfortunately it was at a distance because of COVID-19. 

We had to do something to help others, so we channeled our emotions to help fill a void that we noticed was missing in our community and set out to help families that experienced similar tragedies of pregnancy loss. We want to listen to your stories, share our experience, and help guide families through the next day, week, months, and years to come. We will break the silence of pregnancy and infant loss.

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