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With your support, we will break the silence of pregnancy loss

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Our mission

  • Raising awareness that miscarriages, stillbirths, and infant loss are, unfortunately, very real possibilities. Families need to be aware of the possibility, be aware of what to do if a loss happens, be aware of how to talk about a loss of your own, or how to talk to someone with a loss.

  • Educate the public for social change so families who have had a loss can be open about their feelings. This includes, but is not limited to, approaching the conversation in a caring way to not remove the very real child that is no longer on the earth. Educate the public about miscarriages and stillbirths so there is a better understanding.

  • Expand research on women’s health to reduce and one day eliminate unknown stillbirths and reduce threatened miscarriages.

  • Comforting families who have experienced a pregnancy loss is one area that barely exists. We grew our Foundation out of the need for awareness and the essential need for more resources for families during and after a loss. We offer monthly peer-groups for mothers, fathers, and families that allow for open conversations about their loss.

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